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Privacy Statement

Your privacy is very important to us. TPteQ Inc. will never share, sell, lend or otherwise make any customer information available to third parties without your consent, unless it is required by law for us to do so.
Data Recovery Confidentiality Policy
At TPteQ, we understand that some of our work will involve access to information/records that are considered confidential.
TPteQ acknowledges the responsibility to respect the confidentiality of our customers, and to follow office procedures in order to protect privacy.
With TPteQ, you can rest assured that your information and data will be kept as secure and confidential as possible.
    Our confidentiality policy is based on the following:
  • Data will be returned to the originating customer only (spouse, family members or children cannot request data).
  • Only the recovery engineer has access to recovered data.
  • Files, documents, and data content will never be opened or viewed by TPteQ unless absolutely necessary.
  • Under no circumstances will data be released to third parties.
  • All backup copies of recovered data will be automatically purged from TPteQ media within 14 days of recovering the data (or sooner at customer request).